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Below is our regulation for renting our e-bikes


General rental conditions:

The rental of bicycles and accessories at the COUNTRY E-BIKE MUSTANG rent & delivery company of Rosario Greco (hereinafter "Renter") is governed by these general rental conditions, by the Contract stipulated on the bicycle / Scooter rental and by the official Price List.

1. Who can use the service:


1.1 To obtain the rental of a bicycle with respective accessories, the "customer" (hirer or user) must provide a valid identity document. The customer who will be the authorized driver to drive the rental vehicle must comply with the identification and qualification formalities required by the Lessor. The user as the driver of the vehicle undertakes not to provide false information on his personal details, his age, his address.

1.2. The use of bicycles is reserved for adults, unless the minor is accompanied or authorized by an adult who assumes full responsibility for any damage caused to third parties and / or property by the minor, or suffered by the minor himself.

1.3 The renter may refuse the rental of the bicycle or scooter to a person who is not deemed capable of driving it in accordance with the Road Safety Law or for any other justified reason.

2. How to request the service:

2.1 The renter must show up at the office during opening hours, deliver a valid identity document, agree with the renter's representative all the characteristics of the rental, enter into the bicycle rental contract. In the event of a request from more than one person, the form can be completed by the renter who must however provide the renter with all the identification data relating to all the renters.

2.2. The hirer and the COUNTRY E-BIKE MUSTANG rent & delivery manager responsible for the service at the time of delivery of the bicycle will check the state of functionality of the same and of the accessories. By taking delivery of the vehicle or the accessories, the user recognizes it as mechanically efficient or is informed of any admissible and minor fault in the event that the latter is due to ordinary wear of the bicycle (accessories) and does not constitute a danger. for the guidance of the same. The renter is obliged to notify the renter of any failure of the bicycle and accessories if he notices it immediately after taking over and, however, before leaving the renter's office.

2.3 The user who has borrowed the bicycle and accessories in good condition and mechanically efficient undertakes to return them in the same condition (taking into account the permissible wear, such as for example the mud present on the bicycle or the minimum wear of the brakes and tires for normal use of the same). The user (renter) may, by agreement with the rental facility, deliver the bicycle to another place, for a fee based on the distance from the venue.

2.4 The user undertakes to return the bicycle and accessories within the time limits indicated in the Rental Agreement, otherwise a supplement will be applied as established in point 3.6.

2.5 The user with a non-functional bicycle or one who has suffered damage during the journey can change their vehicle with another one that is functional by promptly contacting the facility where they used the service. In this regard, he must immediately inform the renter of the reasons that caused the damage to the bicycle. The rental agreement provides for the possible replacement of the bicycle or accessories, subject to availability, with one of the means available at the time of the renter, even if different in technical characteristics. In the event that the renter does not have a replacement bicycle (accessories), he is not required to reimburse the user (the renter) if there are less than 2 hours before the rental expires. The renter takes into account the rules indicated in this point in the event that the returned bicycle or the accessories have not been damaged due to the negligent behavior of the user (renter).

2.6 Upon return of the bicycle or accessories, the hirer and the hirer ascertain any damage on the items borrowed and returned. If the user (the renter) does not agree with the findings of the renter, the latter has the right to act in accordance with these General Conditions, especially those concerning the payment of compensation and the deposit.

2.7 At the time of collection of the rental bike, it is absolutely necessary that the customer presents an international credit card, not prepaid and in his own name as a security deposit. No amount will be withdrawn and will be kept on site until the bicycle is returned, or a cash deposit equal to 250 euros per bicycle can be deposited. When the customer returns the bicycle without damage, the deposit is returned. Without a credit card in the renter's name, the renter can refuse to deliver the bike.

3. Terms and conditions of use:

3.1 The rental of the bicycle and accessories is shown on the price list displayed at the rental point and on the website on the rental page.

3.2 The bicycle is to be used exclusively under the responsibility of the customer, solely as a means of transport and in the manner prescribed for those who carry out recreational and sporting activities. The bicycle and accessories are rented and must be used and treated with care, common sense and diligence.

3.3 It is forbidden to use the bicycle in sporting events or to carry out commercial activities, it is possible to transfer it for use to other subjects. It is forbidden to use the bicycle for the transport of dangerous substances, illegal goods, people or goods for a fee, it cannot be driven under the influence of alcohol, sedatives, sleeping pills or other substances that may affect the driver's driving skills nor any other such abuse.

3.4 The renter must comply with the instructions for use and the current rules of the highway code. The renter who is the structure where the bicycle and accessories rental service was used decline all responsibility (e.g. damages or fines) in case of improper use of the vehicle and failure to comply with the rules of the highway code by the user (the renter).

3.5 The use of the bicycle presupposes the physical fitness of those who intend to ride it. Therefore, the user, by stipulating the rental agreement and other documents, assumes all responsibility by declaring to be equipped with adequate physical and intellectual capacity to drive and manage the bicycle and therefore assuming all responsibility for any damage caused by its insufficient capacity.

3.6 In the event of a delay in returning the bicycle or accessories borrowed, a contractual penalty will be charged for each hour of delay based on the price established by the current price list, increased by 15%.

3.7 The renter must not leave the bicycle unlocked or unattended until it has been returned to the renter.

3.8 To confirm the reservation, payment of 100% of the amount is required.

3.9 Cancellations. In case of cancellation of bookings made within the 8th day before the start date of the rental, the advance paid will be returned in full, net of a transfer fee (5% of the entire amount); the full amount will instead be withheld for cancellations in the last 7 days.


4. Renter's liability for damages:

4.1 During the rental, the user is responsible for any event or damage caused to himself, to third parties, to property while using the renter's vehicle or accessories.

4.2 In the event of damage and / or breakages caused to the rented vehicle or accessories not attributable to normal use of the same, the user must immediately pay to the rental facility, the damage caused which will be quantified by the staff of the facility where it is the bicycle itself is rented at the time of return of the vehicle. The user is therefore responsible for any damage caused during the use of the vehicle to himself, to third parties, to property and to the bicycle and accessories. No form of compensation may be requested from the landlord. The repair costs can be found in the rental agreement price list.

4.3 In the event of the theft of the bicycle, non-return or irreparable damage to it, the user must compensate the damage with the sum corresponding to the current price list of the bicycle or components (as per the displayed price list). The theft of the bicycle must be immediately reported by the user to the renter or / and the Police.

4.4 Failure to return the bicycle (or accessories) within 24 hours of the agreed return time will be considered as theft. The hirer has the right to inform the Police and other competent bodies.

4.5 In the event of theft of the bicycle or accessories or both or in the event that the bicycle and accessories are damaged in a road accident reported by the Police, the User must present a copy of the of the theft report submitted to the competent judicial offices and within five days from the date of the theft pay a security sum equal to the list price of the bicycle and of the other items object of the theft, taking into account the wear of the bicycle and accessories up to upon delivery of the latter to the renter, which will be returned only in the case of recovery / recovery of the vehicle. Otherwise, the sum will be withheld as compensation for the damage.

4.6 The customer assumes full responsibility in case of physical discomfort, exempting the Country E-Bike Mustang Rent & Delivery company from any liability


5. Termination clause:

5.1 The breach by the renter of even one of the provisions of these General Rental Conditions, of the Agreement stipulated on the rental of the bicycle, of the Rental Agreement or of the Take-over report will entitle the Renter to terminate the contract with immediate effect and upon collection of the bicycle or accessories loaned to the hirer. By entering into the rental agreement, the renter expressly agrees with the inability to appeal against the renter's decision referred to in the previous paragraph. The lessee can exercise the rights relevant to it.

5.2 The hirer may withdraw from the contract at any time and return the bicycle (accessories) to the hirer and if the bicycle or accessories have a material failure that does not allow safe and undisturbed use, and the hirer does not have a bicycle or replacement accessories. In this case, the renter returns the amount paid for the rental and any other supplements in relation to the period of time in which the user was unable to use the bicycle (accessories).


6. Jurisdiction:

Italian laws are applied for disputes arising from these General Rental Conditions, the Agreement stipulated on bicycle rental and the price list.

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