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Miglior Noleggio bici ed ebike isola d'elba


Frequently asked questions about bike and bike rental, guided tours, bike trips and much more.

  • What are the payment methods you accept?
    We accept payments by debit and credit cards, cash, PayPal, Satispay etc ...
  • What types of e-bikes do you have available?
    We currently have E-Bike Front, Full, Gravel, City in sizes S - M - L and XL such as to meet the needs of bikers from adolescents to adults of any height.
  • Is it difficult to use an ebike?
    In amateur use, an E-Bike is comparable to a normal mountain bike. The brake and gearbox controls are the classic ones while the electric motor assistance is totally automated.
  • What are the conditions regarding damaged products?
    In the event of loss of keys, bicycle accessories or for damage, the manager will request the customer the sum necessary for the original restoration of the bicycle, on the basis of what is indicated in this contract or, in the absence of the price list, and the supplier's estimate, in the event of total theft, the user must compensate the manager for the amount established in € equal to the value of the bicycle at that time.
  • How long does an ebike battery last and how many km can I travel?
    Battery consumption varies according to various parameters. The most important are the degree of slope faced, the weight of the cyclist and his physical preparation. Under "normal" conditions, a 500 watt battery guarantees a mileage in the order of 80 km.
  • How does the pedal assist work?
    A question that almost everyone asks us is whether electric bikes move even without pedaling, but simply by pressing a "accelerator" button almost as if they were electric bikes. The answer is no! the electric motor comes into operation only during pedaling, giving assistance proportional to the effort that is placed on the pedals.
  • What level of assistance do you recommend us to keep during the tours?
    Our E-Bikes have different levels of assistance based on the type of engine installed on them: Eco +, Eco, Standard, High for Yamaha engines, from Level 1 to Level 5 for Polini engines or Eco, Tour, E-mtb, Turbo for Bosch engines. Ideal assistance is subject to several parameters. Simplifying, it can be said that it varies according to the level of training of the Biker and the type of path you are facing. Of course, the higher the assistance level, the greater the consumption of the battery.
  • Do you offer delivery and collection services?
    Yes, we offer delivery and collection services throughout the island of Elba. Additional charges may apply depending on distance. Contact us for more information.
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